How To Seduce Her By Text

“Text Her To Make Her Horny”
“Turn Phone Numbers Into Dates”

Gotta be honest, reading lines like this used to make me pretty skeptical. I mean, a text is a text right? Is it really possible to get her hot and move things forward just by text? I found it hard to believe that there could be anything in this.

sexy-girl-textingOn the other hand, how great would it be if it really was true? If it were possible to push her buttons with text then this really could be worth looking into.

So, when I discovered that Magnetic Messaging was by Bobby Rio (who is a guy I respect a lot), I had to look into it and see if everything people were saying about it was true. Was it the dating gamechanger people claimed?

Personally, I’d never thought too much about texting a girl. I kind of just did it without thinking through the effect it was having on her. When things fizzled out or she went cold on me (which happened quite often), I’d given up trying to figure out where I went wrong and just put it down to bad luck or her problem.

To be honest, it’s one of the reasons I became¬† such a strong advocate of closing the deal on the night, not just get a number – it seemed like totally random whether getting a number would actually lead somewhere. Man, how wrong I was!

Reading through Magnetic Messaging, I began to see the mistakes I was making. Gee, I thought I knew about pick up. But in the texting game, I was clueless! It made me start to regret all the hot women I’d lost by fucking up after getting their number.

Magnetic Messaging is all about how to turn her on with text, how to spark positive emotions and erotic thoughts in her and how to anchor them to you. By invoking feelings of trust, intense chemistry and desire by text,

Well, straight after going through the book, I had to try some of these methods out. I got a girl’s number in a supermarket. She was hot as fuck, but obviously busy and didn’t want to stop and talk, so I just went out on a limb and asked her for her number.

I kinda caught her by surprise, but she seemed pretty happy with my approach and I came away with the number so it was all good. [By the way, if you want to know the technique I used to get her number completely cold, all will be revealed later].

So, I ran the simple ‘Key Lock’¬† sequence on her. This is one of the earlier techniques shown in Magnetic Messaging, so i thought I’d put it to the test. Basically, it’s made up of 3 texts, each one with a specific purpose:

Text no.1 is probably the most important as it sets the tone for your future interactions.It gets her to see you as DIFFERENT to other guys, attractive, charismatic and EXCITING.

Text no.2 is where you start bonding with her. By creating an emotional connection, you make her feel special and associate those good feelings with you. By creating trust, you are already getting past that shield put up to fend off unwanted attention.

Text no.3 is to plant the idea of sleeping with you in her head. The effect of getting her to imagine having sex with you is unbelievably profound.

* For more info on the Key Lock Sequence, check out the Magnetic Messaging page

These 3 texts smoothly transitioned into arranging to meet up for a couple of drinks a few days later.

Remember, at this point I’d spoken to her for less than a minute. I’d met her in a supermarket when I was probably looking like shit and apart from the texts, she had no idea who I was. It had gone like clockwork, I was impressed already.

But it was when we met up I was really impressed with what those texts had done. She was very touchy-feely from the start. There were no barriers or tests where I had to qualify myself – SHE ALREADY WANTED ME!

Within seconds of meeting, we had bonded and the sexual spark was obvious. Needless to say, we went on to have a very good night!

Magnetic Messaging is a pretty awesome system. There is a hell of a lot of info packed in there – the key lock system was just the start. It was kind of like the first lesson of a degree course in texting girls. And yet it worked so well.

I guess part of the beauty of the system is that it can be used by anyone. You don’t have to be good or experienced at talking to women as it is literally a step-by-step system. And not only does it get you that date, it gets you past so many hurdles on your date that you are already halfway into her panties by the time you meet.

I’d also recommend it for those trying to get out of the friend zone or trying to jump start a relationship that has never really got going. Being stuck in the friend zone sucks ass and is really difficult to break out of. Inside MM there’s a section on this that really breaks it down what to do and how to get out of it. Can’t speak for myself, but there are guys I know that swear by this.

There’s a lot of stuff inside the Magnetic Messaging package. If you think this might be for you, check out the link below and see what’s included. It’s probably worth watching the video even if you aren’t planning to buy because there’s a lot more info on the Key Lock Sequence than I posted here.

More information on Magnetic Messaging here

When I bought it there were a number of bonuses that came with it (The Mastermind Kit and Players Cookbook are good stuff BTW!), so it’s worth checking out what’s still available. Magnetic Messaging is good stuff and will help you get laid, guaranteed.

Cheers, Jay